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Since its inception in 1960, les Éditions Hurtubise have produced a diverse range of quality books. Based in Montreal, the company publishes nearly 75 titles a year. Although literature has always had a place in our catalogue, in the last ten years it has reclaimed its rightful prominence owing to the success of a number of historical novels (Félicité, Un bonheur si fragileDamné, etc.).

Today, more than ever, our top priority is to encourage writing in all its forms : novels (popular fiction and literature), children’s books, and essays. In 2012, Hurtubise also began establishing itself in the world of young adult fiction by publishing well-known authors such as Michel J. Lévesque and Luc Gélinas. Our series enjoy great success : for boys, C’est la faute à... by Luc Gélinas and for girls, Juliette by Rose-Line Brasset and Coeur de slush by Sarah-Maude Beauchesne. 

We were also thrilled to release 40 things I wan’t to tell you by Alice Kuipers (translated by Emile and Nicole Martel) in Quebec last Spring.

Throughout the years, Hurtubise has sought to develop new markets by selling rights in foreign countries. Some titles, such as Le froid modifie la trajectoire des poissons by Pierre Szalowski, have been translated into more than ten languages and enjoy a respectable level of international success.

Sandra Felteau
Rights manager
+1 514-523-1523

Rights guide 2016 (PDF)

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